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Can Growatt Inverter Work Without Batteries?

In some places with expensive electricity prices and frequent power outages, installing photovoltaic systems is a good choice. If an off-grid system is installed, the photovoltaic can continue to generate electricity during a power outage, without affecting the continuous operation of the equipment, and the overall benefit is good. However, the conventional off-grid system needs to be equipped with a large number of batteries. These energy storage batteries are expensive and short-lived, which increases the cost, so the application of the off-grid system is also limited.

These Growatt inverters can work with less or even without batteries. In some specific occasions, the use of this off-grid inverter can reduce the initial investment and increase the income.

Growatt off-grid inverter SPF 5000ES, the output power of the inverter is 5kW, in addition to the basic functions of the conventional off-grid inverter, photovoltaic priority work, mains complementary work, battery work, it also adds a battery-free working mode . The battery-free mode means that when the system has no battery or the system has a battery, but the battery is dormant for some reason, the inverter can still ensure normal operation with sufficient photovoltaics.

The Working Mode Of SPF 5000ES Is As Follows:

1.When the system has photovoltaic and utility grid, the SPF 5000ES can be similar to an on grid inverter, and can be connected to the grid for self-generation and self-use.

When the photovoltaic power is greater than the load power, the photovoltaic energy is preferentially provided to the load, and the excess energy can be used to charge the battery. If there is no battery, the inverter adjusts the power generated by the photovoltaic according to the current load to ensure that the inverter will not transmit power to the grid.

  1. When the system has PV but no utility grid, the SPF 5000ES can work off-grid to a certain extent, but when the load power is greater than the PV power, the inverter will stop working. In this case, it is suitable for the load that can change with the input. Such as electric water heaters, etc., or occasions where the photovoltaic power is much larger than the load power.
  2. When the system has utility grid but no photovoltaic power, SPF 5000ES can bypass the load, and can try to charge and activate the dormant lithium battery.

In addition, SPF 5000 ES has developed two practical functions, timing charging function and timing output function.

Timing charging function: Customers can customize the charging time period of mains electricity, and limit the use of grid charging during peak electricity prices, which can reduce electricity bills;

Timing output function: Customers can set timing output, and the inverter will automatically shut down during a certain period of time. Guaranteed to reduce the loss of the system itself.

Scope Of Application Of SPF 5000ES:

This off-grid machine supports up to 6 parallel machines, and can build a 30kW single-phase or three-phase system.

It is suitable for small commercial power stations with self-generated and self-consumption surplus power that cannot be connected to the Internet, the load does not exceed 30kW, and the load power consumption and photovoltaic power generation are basically synchronized.
Unsuitable occasions: places where the equipment load is greater than 30kW, and the photovoltaic power generation and equipment power consumption are not synchronized.

Typical Design:

The equipment load in a family is 12kW. The main equipment is an electric oven. The electricity consumption is about 1500 kWh every month. The electric oven will cool down, and it will take half an hour to warm up after restarting to work.

The design uses 48 340W monocrystalline modules with a total power of 16.32kW. The inverter adopts 3 SPF5000ES parallel machines, each inverter is equipped with 16 modules, 8 strings and 2 parallels. A 3-in 1-out combiner box is connected to the load.

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