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13KW,North Willoughby, Australia

Two MIN 2500-6000TL-X inverters were chosen by a household in North Willoughby for their PV system. Growatt MIN 2500-6000TL-X is the most up-to-date PV inverter ideal for residential solar plants.

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15KW, Adelaide, Australia

In Adelaide,Australia, 2 units of MIN 5000TL-X, Growatt’s newgeneration inverters were added to a residential rooftop solar plantinstalled a decade ago with Growatt’s first generation inverter5000MTL.

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3.45KW,Tarquinia, Italy

A family in ltaly has installed MIN 360OTL-XE for their rooftop solarplant. Electricity bills cut and carbon emissions reduced!

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10KW,Foshan, China

In China, Growatt inverters is the No.1 residential inverter brand.Here inFoshan city in Southern China, a household has gone solar andchoose Growatt inverters for its rooftop PV system.

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1,000+ Solar Homes, Pilot SolarProject in China

Growatt provides solar PV Growatt inverters for over 1,000 families at ZhixiGarden located near Longyou city in Eastern China. It’s a pilotproject for solar PV application for households.

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Argentina, 4.6kWp residential solar

Powered by Growatt’s MIN 5000TL-X inverters, this 4.6kWp grid-connected rooftop solar system in Argentina enables households to harvest solar energy to heat their swimming pools to 30°C and run their equipment. Sunny day and happy customers!
Image credit: Cerro Aspero Solar

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