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Growatt Become The Top 1 Solar Inverter In Pakistan And Lebanon

In the past two years, Growatt inverter has became the Top1 brand in Pakistan.

Growatt SPF 3500es and SPF 5000es are the hotest Solar inverter in the market of Pakistan & Lebanon.

The reason why the sales of these two Growatt Solar Inverter are so hot in Pakistan and Lebanon is that the small and medium wattage product matched with the 48V voltage, with single-phase not only meets the basic needs of daily life, but also maintains the price within the range that the local people can afford. The safety, stability, reliability and high conversion rate of the machine appropriately meet the needs of local users. Growatt inverter price in pakistan is compective. It makes the whole market love these two product.

Gurewart committed on solving power problems for Pakistani friends, growatt invested a lot of research and development costs, and specially developed new products SPF 3500es and SPF 5000es that can match with the situation of local power system and Pakistan people’s life.

WiFi monitoring, which can track the power transfer situation at any time, allowing the customers to observe the operation of the solar power generation system at home. No need to worry about the whether situation. Enjoy the convenience brought by solar energy at any time without worrying about power anymore.

Pakistan’s promotion of large-scale application of solar power, not only reduce Pakistan’s power cost and obtaining short-term and long-term benefits, but also can give consideration to economic development and environmental protection, and make Pakistan walking in the forefront of global energy transformation.

The success of Growatt inverter in Pakistan is not the function of marketing, people’s word-of-mouth effect the whole market quickly

Growatt inverter will continue to produce high-quality inverters to meet the production and living needs of Pakistan.
Grwowatt Inverter will try our best to let our old friends using reliable Chinese inverter.

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