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Growatt empowers Spain’s solar growth with all-scenario solutions showcased at GENERA 2022

To cater to the country’s quickly expanding solar market, on May 14-16, global prestigious smart energy solutions provider Growatt presented its all-scenario product portfolios at GENERA 2022, Madrid.

As one of the most renowned solar events in Europe, the Spanish International Energy and Environment Trade Show (GENERA) is deemed as an indicator of solar market trends in Europe. At this yearly feast, Growatt brought its diversified smart energy solutions to the visitors, including its battery-ready energy storage system, high power C&I inverters, smart EV chargers as well as its firstly-showcased solar generator – Infinity 1500 portable power solution.

In recent years, Spain has witnessed a rapid growth of solar storage systems, and a report by  IHS Markit projects that its residential storage market size will reach 180MWh by the year of 2025. To cater to these surging demands, Growatt brought its battery-ready storage solutions including battery-ready inverters and battery energy storage systems to the market.

“Battery-ready feature offers flexibility to users by allowing the inverter to work for a normal grid-tied solar system and later to be upgraded to a storage system with an extra battery system, which saves the users on the initial investment”, said Lisa Zhang, marketing director at Growatt.  Concurrently, Growatt also presented its ARK XH Battery System designed to match with its battery-ready inverters. The battery system applies a stacked-modular design and can be easily installed and directly connected to the inverter. Additionally, its LFP material ensures higher stability and safety as well as longer durability, providing the customers with more assurance.

In particular, with the purpose of aligning with growing market demand driven by local subsidy incentives for C&I solar projects and higher requirements on PV solutions, Growatt has also brought its latest high-power C&I solution – MAX 100-125KTL3-X LV inverter to the exhibition. Equipped with multi-layered protections including Type II SPD on DC&AC side, AFCI and IP66, MAX’s maximum DC input current is 32A for each MPPT and 16A for each string, making it a perfect fit with high power modules. Apart from that, Growatt also noted that all its PV inverters presented are equipped with AFCI protection and support 24/7 monitoring.

Being the icing on the cake, Growatt’s 7-22kW THOR EV charger that highlights the utilization of surplus solar power to charge the EV, and its very first solar generator – Infinity 1500 portable power station were also displayed at the expo, attracting numerous visitors to stop by for a detailed inspection and a hands-on experience.

In addition to its advanced products and solutions, Growatt attaches great value to the service experience of European customers. The company has set up a warehouse in Rotterdam for fast product delivery across Europe as well as local service centers to respond quickly to customer needs. Looking to the future, Growatt is also expanding its service team in Spain to enable more people to easily access its exceptional solutions and services.

Source:pv magazine 

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