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What Are The Factors That Affect The Life Of The Growatt Inverter?

As the core of the power station, the life of the Growatt inverters affects the normal operation of the entire power station. The life of the inverter has become a problem that everyone is very concerned about. So what are the factors that affect the life of the inverter? Let’s analyze the factors affecting the life of the inverter from the aspects of device life, design and installation comprehensive factors.

Device Life

Growatt inverters belong to switching power supplies in a broad sense, so their components can basically be divided into resistors, capacitors, diodes, power devices (IGBT or MOS tube), inductors and transformers, current sensors, ICs, optocouplers, relays, etc.

The service life of resistors, chip capacitors and ceramic capacitors can generally reach more than 20 years. In the design of inductors and transformers, as long as the material temperature does not exceed, it is theoretically considered that they can work for a long time without failure; low-power diodes , the triode can basically work for more than 100,000 hours; the mechanical life of the relay is generally more than 1 million times, and the electrical life is more than 10,000 times; as long as the power device IGBT or MOS meets the design specifications, the life is generally not considered. Fans and fuses are vulnerable components, which will not affect the life of the inverter. If they are damaged, they can be replaced in time; the life of film capacitors is more than 100,000 hours, and the life of electrolytic capacitors is generally 2000- 3000H, the long life is only 5000-6000H, but as the temperature decreases by 10 ℃, the life doubles. Therefore, in the Growatt inverters, the biggest shortcoming of the device is the life of the electrolytic capacitor.

Design Factor

The life of the device is the basic factor to ensure the life of the Growatt inverters, but good design is the core factor to ensure the life of the inverter. So what design factors will seriously affect the life of the inverter and be difficult to detect in a short time?

Temperature is one of the important factors affecting the life of the inverter, especially for components such as electrolytic capacitors and optocouplers. For every 10°C increase in temperature, the life of electrolytic capacitors is reduced by half. Excessive temperature will also accelerate the optical decay of optocouplers. , However, IGBTs are generally driven by optocouplers, so the failure of optocouplers will cause damage to IGBTs.

When the relay is switched at zero current, its life is up to 1 million times. However, with the increase of the current during switching, the life is almost exponentially attenuated. The precise software control makes the relay switch at the zero current angle, which is the key factor to ensure the life of the relay.

The working environment of the Growatt inverters is generally poor, and there are many interference factors, such as poor power grid quality, relatively large local inductive load, etc. If the inverter protection function and EMC design are not good, it is easy to be interfered by the outside world. Once the IGBT If the drive is disturbed, it is easy to cause it to misconnect and cause the machine to explode.

Comprehensive Factors

Although the string Growatt inverters is IP65 rated and can be installed indoors and outdoors, the quality of the installation environment also has a great impact on the life of the inverter. If the inverter is installed in an environment with direct sunlight, humidity, and high pH, the life of the inverter will be shortened, and in an environment exposed to the sun, it will easily cause the inverter to overheat and reduce the load, which will affect the power generation. Therefore, choosing a suitable installation environment is also a key factor to ensure the life of the inverter.


Although there are many factors that affect the life of the inverter, as long as the components are selected correctly and the design is good, the inverter can run stably for at least 10 years. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Growatt inverter to protect your power station. convoy.

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