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What Is A Household Inverter?

Household inverter is an inverter suitable for household appliances, which can help household appliances realize the conversion of direct current and alternating current. When we use the Growatt inverter for users, the user needs to connect the wires to the household inverter, and each Each household inverter will have positive and negative signs. Generally, red represents positive and black represents negative. Users must pay attention when connecting the wires. Connect the red wire to the red end and the black wire to the black One end, if accidentally connected incorrectly, it will cause a short circuit or even burn the household inverter, so be careful when connecting the wires.

In fact, there are many electrical appliances in our family that use household inverters, such as air conditioners, computers, refrigerators, range hoods and other electrical appliances, all of which can convert DC power into AC power required for the operation of electrical appliances through household inverters.

Dual-channel MPPT. The maximum conversion efficiency is 98.6%. The DC is 1.5 times higher. OLED display, touch buttons

The characteristics of household inverters are relatively high conversion efficiency, good stability, and relatively high safety performance. In addition to commonly used household appliances, some small electrical appliances such as electric fans, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. will also be used in household inverters. device. It can be seen that household inverters can be seen everywhere in our lives. At the end of the editor, what I want to tell you is that we not only need to choose a suitable household inverter, but also need to pay attention to the maintenance of the Growatt inverter and operate it carefully.

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