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What Is An Energy Storage Inverter?

What is an energy storage inverter? Many friends want to know this question, because everyone knows that the inverter is mainly a DC to AC transformer. In fact, it is a voltage inverter with the converter. So what about the energy storage inverter? Next, let the editor of the professional Growatt energy storage inverter manufacturer explain to you in detail what is the energy storage inverter.

What is an energy storage inverter?

The energy storage inverter can be said to be the latest generation of inverters on the market today. Energy storage, as the name implies, converts alternating current into direct current and stores it in the battery. Direct current is converted into alternating current for users to use, which can provide users with bidirectional conversion between grid power and battery power, and can break through the limitation that photovoltaic inverters can only be used during the day. This is why the energy storage inverter itself is becoming more and more Important reasons for popularity with users.

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Introduction to the main functions and functions of energy storage inverters:

The main function and function of the energy storage inverter is to realize the bidirectional transfer of energy between the AC power grid and the energy storage battery. Battery packs, flywheel batteries, etc., which can not only quickly and effectively stabilize the fluctuation of random electric energy or power flow in the distributed power generation system, but also improve the grid’s ability to accept large-scale renewable energy power generation (wind energy, photovoltaics), and can accept dispatch instructions. Absorb or supplement the peak and valley power of the grid, and provide reactive power to improve the power supply quality and economic benefits of the grid. In the event of grid failure or power outage, it also has the function of independent network power supply to improve the power supply security of the load.

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